Lesson 01: Get DOWN and CLEAN!!!

No Mops!

Lesson 1: There are no mops in Japan.  All cleaning is done on hands and knees, or by running around arched over like a stuck slinky holding a rag.

Our Man in Japan Says: Pretty much true. they have mops but don’t seem to use them-also 99%of the mops that exist here have the cleaning rags wrapped around a t-shaped stick/pole.

You’ve seen this before.  If you’ve watched any anime that is centered around Japanese high-schoolers, or modern temple life, (genres of which it is nearly impossible for any anime fan to miss) it is very likely you’ve seen people on their hands and knees, washing the floor with rags.  Oftentimes, they race about bent over.  This a common occurrence in comedic episodes, and the chore is performed with so much gusto that it leads one to believe that is nothing but some sort of outrageous physical humor thrown in to amuse the viewer.

However, according to our man in Japan, this is pretty much how such tasks are carried out.  Western style mops are rare, and the Japanese equivalent is rarely used!

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