The Nightmare Child?

So, what is the Nightmare Child?

Doctor Who? Japan? There is a connection! And it’s not just collectable toys, merchandise, and monsters!  It is far more disturbing than that….

Been bouncing between the Doc Who forums and Wikipedia since that last  Doctor Who special, and losta of different people have lotsa opinions about what happened, and what’s gonna happen.

One of the most common things people seem to have settled on is that it’s not definitively stated anywhere in “The End of Time” that the person The Doctor called Rassilon is in fact ‘THE’ Rassilon.  It’s been put forth that the Time Lord in question may have just assumed the name, or in fact The Doctor may have used the term to refer to him in a derogatory way – like calling someone Hitler, or some lesser evil, like… Baltar? (“Oh, so sorry. Didn’t mean to get it on with a hot Cylon chick and wipe out humanity.  Well, actually I did.  The getting it on part, not the wiping.)”

One of the articles on Wikipedia, either about the Time War, or that last episode (I forget which) states that the Time Lords resurrected Rassilon to lead them.  I guess that’s possible.  (And not just bringing up that mulligan called ‘Doctor Who physics’ either!)  Didn’t the Time Lords offer to give The Master another regeneration to assist The Doctor in ‘The Five Doctors’?  (Or was that in Trial of a Time Lord?)  Hell, extra regenerations or not, we all know The Master was able to bring himself back from slime! (Remember the Television Movie! We’re still missing a regeneration!)

I sorta have a feeling, and it was my first feeling upon actually seeing the Lord President, that he’s the original Rassilon.  I’m betting that’s the impact RT Davies was aiming for.  Nothing else would resonate with the core fanbase as hard.

On another note, I’ve read that a commentary posted somewhere (gotta hunt it down), Julie Gardner said that the cowering female Time Lord behind Rassilon was in fact The Doctor’s mother.  Also, it was claimed that Martha actually married Micky, and the other guy she was going to marry was just a rebound for The Doctor.

One other thing, Steven Moffat (Or RTD) said that it’s entirely plausible that the Time War of the books did happen, only to be wiped from the annuals of history by the last Time War.

Steven Moffat has said it’s impossible for Doctor Who to have continuity errors because the Time War changed and broke so many things.  Any perceived inconsistencies can just be blamed on that.  That’s why we can have two different dates for the destruction of the Earth.  The Time War altered the time line so that Earth dies at different times.

Moffat also said that the Weeping Angels will be back too.  Woo hoo.

I wonder if the Dcoctors’ daughter will return?  The clone daughter that is – she was also a character influenced by Moffat so I’m betting that’s a possibility.  I doubt they’ll ever bring Susan back up, but mebbe they could since she wasn’t on Gallifrey (and I doubt The Rani was either) and was most likely not a participate of the Time War.

By the way, what the hell is a ‘Rani’?  I mean – ‘Doctor’ and ‘Master’ I get.  Those are the names of degrees you can get from a university.  But ‘Rani’? It sounds like a rash.  “That girl gave me a rani! I thought I just had to worry about crabs!”

Oh look, it’s the female equivalent of Raja, and that in many Indo-Aryan languages it can mean either “queen” or “lady”.  Thank you Wikipedia. Ok. I can see that. Although, given the character, I’m surprised she didn’t skip the guess work and go for ‘The Empress’. Mebbe not. She did try to convince the Seventh Doctor she was Melanie after he regenerated after the BBC Colin ejection….

Anyone think Colin Baker got a raw deal?
Anyone actually like Ace?

Oh, back to The Nightmare Child.

Speculation holds from several sources that a number of characters from the Time War could return in some form.  There’s the obvious potential return of the Time Lords themselves, and The Master.  But I’ve also seen ‘the Skaro Degradations’ and ‘The Horde of Travesties’ mentioned as being players in the Time War.  Skaro… that’s where the Daleks came from right? Mebbe some mutant form of the Thals returning to fight the Daleks?

The most interesting name I’ve seen mentioned is ‘The Nightmare Child’.  Very little info I’ve seen given about it, other than it destroyed Davros.  Well, it originally destroyed Davros and his flagship.  Dalek Caan broke the time lock, rescued him, and then went mad because of his actions.  (Btw, do Daleks have gender? I mean, if they do… what would you check? Look under that lower right tentacle. Oh wait, that’s not a tentacle is it? WAIT! Daleks have tentacles! I just found me a Japanese popular culture connection! (And don’t tell me it’s not, because I’ve seen that Wikipedia has images from old Japanese block prints of octopuses getting on with women! (I tried not to look – really))

I dunno what this Nightmare Child is, but if it’s could wipe out Davros like that, it must not of been small…. Gotta have Big Bad potential Real Big Big Bad potential!

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  1. SomeMadPoet says:

    Hmmm… Not a portable toilet.
    Yah know, I don’t think they’ve ever really addressed the question of where people go on the TARDIS, when they really gotta go!
    I guess it really is a portable toilet!
    Albeit, a massive, multifunction, time traveling toilet!

  2. SomeMadPoet says:

    Ok, so no Nightmare Child so far. Thought that DreamGuy might have something to do with it. Guess there’s always next season!

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