But Big IS Beautiful!

And so, the sumo told me...

One thing I hate about the Internet is by the time you find some odd interesting bit of news you’d like to share, everyone else already knows about it.  Bleh.

Anyways, there’s this story going around that if it hadn’t been posted on so many news site that I would of swore it was a satirical article from The Onion, or a fake news story on Wait Wait Don’t Tell Me.  But nope… it’s true!

There’s this website called Beautiful People (www.beautifulpeople.com) where they promise that you won’t have to suffer looking at photos of ugly people.

Here – this is what they actually have currently posted on the front of their website:

Welcome to BeautifulPeople

The sexiest website in the world today

* Do looks matter to you, when it comes to selecting a partner?

* Do you want to guarantee your dates will always be beautiful?

* No more filtering through unattractive people on mainstream sites

* Meet beautiful people locally and from around the world – now

* Attend exclusive events and private parties

Talk about gall.  Someone sure feels confident about themselves.

I wonder how many fake profiles hey have posted… (it’s not like they send someone to your house to check out your hotness).  It’s so tempting to try to join though… makes me wanna take a picture of my ass and send it too them with a smiley face drawn on it.

They used to have this condescending link that said “Too ugly to join? Try browsing Beautiful People.” But it looks like it’s been removed recently.  Couldn’t imagine why they’d want to go hide themselves now….

No ugly people? I wonder if they filter out the conceited, stupid, and vain people too?

Oh wait – I guess that wouldn’t leave them any users!

Anyways, what got them in the news lately was that they kicked off five thousands members.  Considering the inflated ego they would’ve needed to have to join in the first place I don’t know if I really feel bad for any of them.  Anyways, apparently, these people got kicked off the site because of their holiday weight gain.  Yep, a few had a little too much turkey.  Other users of the site complained that people had loaded up pictures of themselves showing the weight again. (That’s the first thing I always do when I gain weight too – take pictures and show it off to everyone! Look at that belly grow!)  These holiday fatties offended the sensibilities of a few users who insisted that had they go.

I wonder, what kind of hormone laden bird did these people snack on?  I mean, sure, I’ve gained some weight over the holidays before myself, but I never thought I’d gained so much I had to go buy new clothes.  Never thought I gained enough in that short holiday period that it changed how people looked at me.

In an interview with the site owner, he stated that the users of his site were only interested people that met their criteria for attractiveness.  Where they Politically Correct? No.  Did people get their feelings hurt? Yes.  But they were honest about their goals and intentions.

(And a bit vain and conceited you might also add.)

More info from CNN


Btw, don’t go to uglypeople.com.  Buncha nekkid women and porno ads. Guess they figured ugly people wouldn’t really wanna see more ugly people.

Oh, and as for the Japan link – they have Japanese site too.  Hmmm…. Wonder if you can still browse those beautiful people….

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