Culture Hunt Experiment #1: Encyclopedia Britannica 2009 Deluxe Edition ‘Manga’ search

Culture Hunt Experiment 1: Encyclopedia Britannica 2009 Deluxe Edition ‘Manga’ search

Ok, as an experiment, I did a search of the Encyclopedia Britannica 2009 Deluxe Edition seeking the term ‘manga’. Because is a list of the results I found, followed by my guess as to how the subject return might even be remotely related to what I initially searched for. I had to stretch my reasoning past it’s limits at times, and I assure the stretch shows.

1) Katipunan (Filipino nationalist organization)

– Yeah, ‘cause when I think of Japanese Manga, I think of Filipino freedom fighters.

2) Kanuri language

– Obviously manga has a sound connection to an African language with less than a million speakers (bleh, bad pun bad pun – didn’t see it till too late!)

3) Resources (from Niger)

– Gotta get that wood pulp from somewhere!

4) Ethnic groups (from Tanzania)

– Ethnic group… ethic group. Otaku mebbe? I’m pretty sure that’s not where the bulk of Otaku come from, but who really knows?

5) Labé (Guinea)

That a drawing utensil? Or a weapon? Or mebbe a special treat, to keep the Mangaka* on his or her fee?

6) Ethnic groups (from Niger)

– Again with the Otaku! They’ve gone world wide!

7) Kasur (Pakistan)

– Special space opera weapon mebbe? Lemme see that on a Gundum! Charge that Kasur!

8 ) Rarotonga (island, Cook Islands)

– Ah. It’s an island, and a tiny one at that. Not much to do with manga directly, but I can see the Japan reference. But Greenland is an island too, and might be a better match. What does it have in common? It’s large. Near a major landmass. And everyone eats fish!

9) Japan (from printmaking)

– They got the location right! Let’s give them a point!

10) Relief (from Niger)

– As a reality escape tool?

11) Cartagena (Colombia)

– Was that where Viggo came from? Yah know, from Ghostbusters 2? Didn’t you love that movie? With the NES Advantage driving the Statue of Liberty Down Fifth Avenue, or Park Avenue, or whatever avenue. Ok, not the best film, but still a few good times right? A few? One at least? Slimer driving the bus was cool though! Com’on! That was awesome! Had to be nasty for ever showed to drive that bus afterwards though. Opps, getting off topic. It was Carpathia! Not Cartagena. Who’d figure. Still, they did release a Ghostbusters manga (though I suspect it’s ameri-manga – does that give it the same weight as manga manga?)

12) Gumel (Nigeria)

– That a villain? Sure sounds like a villain’s name: two basic sounds, that both sound odd. “I am Gumel the Despoiler!” That sounds almost like a character from an American Comic Book. (Alternatively, mebbe a web porn site or hentai anime!)

13) mango (plant)

– A screwed up crossword entry, right? Hope you didn’t do it in ink.

14) Misau (Nigeria)

– That’s a soup right? Oh wait, the spelling is off. Damn details.

15) Nguru (Nigeria)

– I’m guessing this is someone who’s at the head of those princely email scams. Wonder how many they’ve convinced someone that Crown Prince Naruhito has a slush fund stashed in Nigeria that he needs to get money out via their bank account?

16) Tani Ryōko (Japanese athlete)

– First woman to win two Olympic titles in judo? Here, they’d put her mug on a Wheaties box. Japan? She gets her own manga character! (sweet!)

17) Hydrology (from Chad, Lake)

– Hydrology. No idea how to stretch a connection here, unless you wanna talk about water ships in Macross, or hydras in fantasy works. Waitamin, would ‘Hydralogy’ be the study of Hydras.

18) Contemporary developments (from animation)

– Good one! Or best one yet. Yes, manga is a solid source for anime stories. In a sort of cultural parallel, in The States comics have become one of the primary sources for high budget, effects laden, CGI fests called movies; which are in turn boast actors with both over inflated egos and wallets, who in turn help boost the movie for a fame starved, paparazzi driven, gossip consuming American public. Ok, mebbe that didn’t apply to the actors and actresses in Watchmen since hardly no one knew who they were, but that didn’t matter ‘cause Silk Spectre (mark 2) was hawt!

19) Postwar graphic design in Japan (from graphic design)

– Ah! Closest reference yet! Of course, it would have to be at the end. Let’s them another point!

20) Mature years. (from Hokusai)

– Ah… a Japanese artist and printmaker who lived from 1760 to 1849 who liked to sketch and paint landscapes, along with illustrations for erotic works. Yep, erotic works. He did early hentai folks. Read the Britannica. It’s in there!

A little more info on #20, about Mr. Hosusai. He was known to compete with a fellow artist known as Utamaro, an acknowledged master of voluptuous figure prints. Wonder if Utamaro had any of his works turned into figurines that cost ten thousand yen like many of today’s similarly skilled Mangaka?

*Mangaka (漫画家) is the Japanese word for a comic artist or cartoonist.

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