Hey there spammer dude

Aw, com’on man. Give a brotha a break! Seriously, botangoklow, this site has barely been up for two weeks, and has no content! Notice the content? No you didn’t ’cause there’s none there! How the hell did you find it? Noticed the screwed up theme inprogress theme too?

No, you probably didn’t Mr. botangoklow. ‘Cause you’re probably a bot, which means you won’t be talking back, other than to send me some crazy ass link to some dinky little website hosted somewhere in the mountains of Eastern Europe, or border regions of China. Which means I’m crazy to have bothered spending this much time composing the just stated thought.

Of course, there really could be someone live there, who has nothing better to do than drop links in the scant hoping of scoring a click. (Which, in that case, means I’m not the crazy one!)

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  1. admin says:

    Oh look at that – he has ‘bot’ in the name. How’d I miss that?
    Woo hoo!
    Off to a good start!

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